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The Butcher

the butcher.PNG

Written and performed by Cecile Rossant

Directed by Daniela Marcozzi
The performance will be in German, French and English.

Première: March 2022, Expedition Metropolis Theater, Berlin

The Butcher

The solo performance piece ‚The Butcher‘ explores how war becomes inscribed in memory, the body, and the psyche in three different characters: a French Butcher, a German Butcher and a woman. The two butchers, both soldiers in World War I, are unable to keep traumatic memories of their wartime experience from bursting into and blurring their narratives and their lives. 

As soldiers, they had cut lines in the earth: linear trenches, living graves. For the soldiers, the enemy was always ‚the pig.‘ As butchers, they divide animals‘ bodies into useful and unuseful parts projecting their fractured psyches onto them. A third character resists the language of violence, heroism, mourning and memorialization opting instead for humour, absurdity, lightness and all that is green!

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