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UMANAMENTE Studio #1: Connection



Concept design and development: Daniela Marcozzi
Concept support: Silvia Prolunghi and Elena Galliano

Karina Benjamin
Carlo Bortolini
Elisabetta Chapuis

Ilaria Di Maio
Elena Galliano
Daniela Marcozzi
Alejandro Niklison
Silvia Prolunghi
Antoine Richard


Live drawing: Carlo Bortolini

A performance produced by Marcozzi Contemporary Theater in collaboration with ACUD MACHT NEU Berlin



June 2018: Performing Arts Festival Berlin,



UMANAMENTE is a project aiming at creating a performance format triggered by some biological principles and by the theory of Biochemistry of emotion by PhD Candace Pert: “We’re not just little hunks of meat. We’re vibrating like a tuning fork — we send out a vibration to other people. Webroadcast and receive.”


UMANAMENTE is an "open door" of the Workshop The Urge of Being, an innovative training for performing artists designed by artistic director and performer Daniela Marcozzi and being developed within the framework of her “Master of Arts in Artistic Research” at the Academy of Art Dimitri in Lugano, Switzerland.
The training concept originates from the fusion of Life Sciences with Performing Arts and brings together elements from the latest biological theories on the biochemistry of emotions and the neurosciences.


Ph: Pierluigi Muscolino



UMANAMENTE is energy

we are carrying out an experiment

we seek and respect the fugitive truth

when we see the truth, we blush

if we have said "truth", forget it

here we have cancelled a phrase, because it was not necessary

we feel the possibility of liberation from the useless

we see also what we can't see

we look at the ocean and recognize ourselves

we are unreasonably feeling good

we push our inner landscape and provoke the movement of the inside towards the outside

it's a fact that we share oxygen and molecules with threes and fishes

we perceive the organism as a channel of energy

we believe that the artist lives in the continuous urge of being, struggling to survive, instant by instant; pushing the borders and look always for his jungle and her salvation.


Header picture by Pierluigi Muscolino

Background artwork by Carlo Bortolini

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