8 times wilder

8 time wilder poster Daniela Marcozzi .png

A performance by Daniela Marcozzi

Artistic support and co-direction: Tony De Maeyer

Music: Luis De Cicco

Costume: Susanne Kasper

Voice over: Melissa Derio, Daniela Marcozzi

Lights: Paolo Grazzi, Daniela Marcozzi


Supported by Theater Expedition Metropolis Berlin

with an artistic residency for the creation of the piece.


Festival New Narrative, April 23th 2022, h 19:30

Expedition Metropolis Theater, Ohlauer Strasse 41, 10999 Berlin


June 2nd and 3th 2022, h 20:00

Expedition Metropolis Theater, Ohlauer Strasse 41, 10999 Berlin

The solo-performance 8 times wilder is a physical and textual dialogue between a veterinarian and a beached whale.
It is the story of a woman of science - a veterinarian - who is confronted with the cruelty of a delicate decision: whether or not to kill a beached whale.
And if she must kill the whale, then how?

But why kill the whale?
To keep her from suffering?
On what basis can we make such a decision?

In the play, the protagonist experiences the contradictions in one of the many binary worldviews shaping our society: the scientific, positivist, explicable, logical mindset on the one hand,  and the magical, spiritual, carnal part, governed by inexplicable forces, on the other.
The woman embodies these contradictions: her body and her story become the place where these extremes meet and act.

The protagonist does not surrender to the need for a simple and immediate answer to the whale-killing dilemma; she dives deep into its complexity, and it is in this very intricate complexity that she finds unconditional love for herself and for whale: an abyss where her soul can still be mirrored.

Where do we bring our soul to recognize itself if not in the belly of the whale?


Artwork of the poster: Nino Eliashvili

Post-production of the poster: Adam Engler

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