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A performance by Daniela Marcozzi

dedicated to Peter Rose, master and friend


With: Daniela Marcozzi and Anuya Rane
Text: Daniela Marcozzi and Luigi De Cicco

Artistic Support: Antonio Villella

Poster by Daniela Marcozzi
A production by Marcozzi Contemporary Theater, in collaboration with K77 Berlin.


May 18 and 19 @ K77 studio, Kastanienallee 77, Berlin.


In wilderness I say what I can't say
Where life and death are recycled and where the revolution is not televised, right there,

I find the wilderness.
When Salmon finds its way back home, going by nose, without having a nose, but still going by nose, Salmon is in the wilderness.



"When I arrived to Berlin in 2013 I already had a significant physical and theatrical background, but when I met Peter Rose I felt the urge of doing what I was doing. I understood and feld the reason why I was doing art. The training and the friendship with Peter represent for me the kick for my profession are for my trust in the truth, for the reconsignment of the source. My chest opened and my heart too, these are things that go beyond theater and still be provoked and processed by theater.

I got to know Peter because I was fascinated by the poster of his training at the K77 studio. The poster was not common, of course :)  - there were seagulls flying wildly in the sky.

Thank you my friend and master, you will be always with me, as I will be always with you."

Daniela Marcozzi, May 2018, Berlin




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