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On Urgency*REFO

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On Urgency*REFO, is part 4 of a quadrilogy following On Urgency, On Urgency*Nesting, On Urgency*Abruzzo.
This site-specific performance was created by Marcozzi Contemporary Theater Company in collaboration with pio.near and Refomoabit, taking inspiration from the surveys and oral interviews with the people living, working or meeting in the Church Reformationakirche Moabit Berlin.

General Artistic Direction: Daniela MarcozziWritten

Co-directed and performed by Jacob Boeno, Elisabetta Chapuis, Stephanieoday, Melissa Derio, Daniela Marcozzi, Cecile Rossant.

Soundscape: Melissa Derio

Production: Elisabetta Chapuis, Melissa Derio, Daniela Marcozzi, Cecile Rossant.

Co-Production & Dramaturgical support: Rike Flaemig and Julia Bihl

Logistics & communication with REFO Community: Miri Meyer

Artistic assistance during the performance: Vera Shelkina


We are all part of the oneiric journey of the majestic Reformationskirche-Moabit.
The journey through the meanders of the “church-ship” becomes a mysterious dream animated by laments, flesh and demons. It brings the “church-ship” to sensorial ecstasy, leading to magical visions and a flight towards unknown horizons.
We can no longer say what is light and what is dark; points of reference fall, the beam of the lighthouse is intermittent, only the vertigo sustains us.

Special thanks to the people of the REFO community who supported the project and replied to the surveys, to Dorothee Beck for her contribution to the dramaturgy with her text “Mein Besonderer Ort”, to Manfred Köhling for his friendly support, to Krista Karttunen for helping in the creation of the props.

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