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The Space in Between


Site-specific training and performance in Hasenheide Park, Berlin

by Marcozzi Contemporary Theater

Serena Cusi
Andrea Velasquez
Maria Vitanova
Gosia Zmyslowska

written by
Daniela Marcozzi, Maria Vitanova, Serena Cusi,
Andrea Velasquez, Gosia Zmyslowska
poem „Evening" by Hilda Doolittle

directed by Daniela Marcozzi
graphics by gosza

Special thanks to
Alessia Baccellini, Claudia Valentini, Lorenzo Manoja, Alejandro, Elisabetta Chapuis, Marta Tirabassi, Giorgia Marzetti for being part of our process

Ph: Marta Tirabassi

can we be the flora of residues?
sleeping seeds, patterns of life
paths, fractals, strategies of seeking
a perfect integrative system,

rich, complex, resilient,productive

“not productive enough!”
select, cut, reduce
the child of life pretends to be its mother

liberate the seeds!
transformation doesn’t follow a preexisting scheme
it is the space in-between

Header picture by Marta Tirabassi

Background artwork by Gosza Zmyslowska

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