On Urgency*Nesting

On Urgency_nesting_ph_ Alexios Grammaticos

A performance by MCT company

Jacob Boeno
Elisabetta Chapuis
Melissa Derio
Jesús Espuña
Alexios Grammaticos
Daniela Marcozzi
Cecile Rossant


General artistic direction: Daniela Marcozzi

Special thanks to Marta Tirabassi for being part of the creative process

and to Pamela Płachtij for her contribution in writing the "guide-book" of the methodology of artistic research and creation"On Urgency"


June 24th 2022

Festival HofFestSpeiele

Expedition Metropolis Theater

Olhauer Str. 41, Berlin

On Urgency*Nesting explores the relation that people have with the environment.

With the term environment we mean all types of places, spaces, sites, spots, landscapes, imaginary and real, tangible and intangible.

What personal and communal processes do we establish with the environment?

How do we inhabit it and how does the environment host us?


We build a nest and bring the garbage outside.

We plant trees within the nest’s borders. 

We cross through the forest, sounding and listening  to its shape.

Birds arrive, curious about humans and hungry for the leftovers.

Darting away, the bird opens the nest, speaking to the garbage witch who asks the beast: what are you ready for?

We build the nest to access the dynamics that are other than human: the supra human energy of the environment, the unending movement of the sea.

The materials of the nest, its borders, even the names we give to its parts and qualities, shift, break apart, disperse  and reassemble.

The project On Urgency*Nesting is the direct follow-up of Daniela Marcozzi’s research project The Urge of Being followed by the MCT company research project's On Urgency- pilot project and performance, through which we developed a method of composing and distributing surveys, collecting people’s answers and transposing them into artistic narratives using performative tools. 

Ph credits: Alexios Grammaticos

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