April 2017


Video Installation @ Art Gallery Supportico Lopez, Berlin

Concept and director: Dara Firedman


“The work I’m doing is about a poem, or a poem fragment, or lyric that you ingested as a teenager, and that then becomes a sort of part of you. What the words do (to you) and how they feel in your mouth…like an incantation that provokes receptivity or passion. Finding and feeling the words of a poem in your mouth creates a rush of energy. Sometimes this energy burns off in the excitement of seeing its own light. At other times it is a directable, aimable energy. “ Dara Friedman

The Dangers of Spring

April-May, 2017

Performed @ Lake Studio Berlin, TheaterHaus Mitte Berlin


Dancers: Elena Francalanci, Sarah Bleasdale, Daniela Marcozzi, Angela Fegers
Music: Matt Jones
Directed/concept: Angela Fegers


A new concept involving an interactive performance experience. This showing is the second attempt at what will become much more developed in the future. A random selected audience member is given an mp3 player with vocal instructions to direct the storyboard of the piece. Live music reacts to the connecting vignettes, as the stories explore the dangers of Spring, the emotional rollercoaster that Spring feeds our souls.

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