On Urgency was conceived by Daniela Marcozzi to respond with theatrical mediums to the urgent and drastic deterioration of the marine environment in her home region Abruzzo, along the Adriatic coast. This project is envisioned as a “multiplier”, because it is a methodology of research capable of being transposed to multiple locations with the aim of embodying the urgencies of people and their environment and to articulate these urgencies in performative narratives.
This project was developed during the Master of Arts in Artistic Research that Marcozzi carried out at the Physical Theater Academy Dimitri, Switzerland (and as a PhD candidate at Zurich University of the Arts). “On Urgency” is currently supported by the Theater Expedition Metropolis, Berlin through Federal funding, as one of the main programs to research Community-Art poetic and political narratives in dialogue with the challenges of our society.
The theatrical methodology “On Urgency” has been further developed by the members Marcozzi Contemporary Theater through three initial projects: On Urgency (Berlin 2020), On Urgency*Nesting (Berlin Feb. - Sept. 2021) and Sull’Urgenza (Abruzzo, IT- July 2021)



Berlin, June 2020

On Urgency is the first project that we have carried out to develop the methodology and artistic practice. At this link you can see the outcomes of the artistic research and residency period and at this link you can see the performance.

On Urgency * nesting

Berlin, June 2021

From February to June 2021, we'll conduct the research project "On urgency*nesting" in Berlin, funded by Expedition Metropolis Theatre, and aimed at exploring the inescapable relationship "person-environment".

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Città Sant'Angelo e Pianella (Pescara) and Pineto (Teramo) - Abruzzo, Italy -  July 2021

EN: The methodology that we have created and developed in Berlin, with the support of the Theater Expedition Metropolis, for the first time travels out of the Berlin's border in July 2021!

IT: La metodologia che abbiamo creato e sviluppato a Berlino, con il supporto del Teatro Expedition Metropolis, per la prima volta viaggia fuori dal confine tedesco nel luglio 2021 e approda in Abruzzo, Italia, nei comuni di Città Sant'Angelo, Pianella (PE), Silvi e Pineto (TE).