On urgency is an international programming of artistic events started in Berlin in the period June-September 2020 with the project On Urgency, during which the company has developed a new methodology of artistic work that consists in distributing surveys to the population and then "translating" the answers with artistic, theatrical and musical languages.

The company Marcozzi Contemproray Theater presented two theatrical performances in the festival "HofFestSpiele" at the Expedition Metropolis Theatre in Berlin, in September 20210.

On Urgency, Berlin, June 2020: artistic research and performance

On urgency * nesting, Berlin, June 2021

From February to June 2021, we'll conduct another research project "On urgency" in Berlin, funded by Expedition Metropolis Theatre, and aimed at exploring the inescapable relationship "person-environment".

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Sull'Urgenza, Pescara and Teramo (IT), July 2021

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