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Live concert and peroformance

Music by Louis DeCicco

Performance and mask Daniela Marcozzi

Documentarist: Francesco Corbisiero


Developed during the artistic residencyat the Ex-Furnace

Sant'Andrea di Conza, Avellino, IT

organized by the local cultural association  Io voglio restare in Irpinia.



2017: Ex furnace, Sant'Andrea di Conza, Avellino, IT














WATERMOUTH _ the music


In German language the words Geschichte - Gedicht - Gesicht, even with a similar assonance, have three different meanings: history, poem and face. Allowing myself the privilege to play with these words, I assume that history is a poem written on man's face.

The music I created follows the steps of this man, becomes his shadow and gives us a glimpse of his history, blending it with the stories of others.


Watermouth is the soundtrack of this journey, the meeting of a man with the poem which his life is composed of; no matter where he comes from or where he goes to: just like a blow or a river.

Watermouth has been created and produced by Louis DeCicco during the year 2016 between Berlin and the countryside of Benevento.


The atmospheres reflect the environment of these two places and create a trait-d'union between two different solitudes.From the field recordings to the daily-life objects, right through to noisy drums, slide guitars, old flutes from the Balcans, african mbira, chinese Kou Xiang, samplers, synthesizers etc... each instrument is played in order to disclose his hypnotic and ancestral sense and stimulate the hidden imagination of people.


Louis De Cicco





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