Marcozzi Contemporary Theater (MCT) is a physical-theater project and company based in Berlin funded in 2015 by the performance artist, theater trainer, researcher and former biologist Daniela Marcozzi.
So far MCT has realized about 12 ensemble and solo performances presented in Germany, Italy, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, United States of America, etc., and has collaborated with many visual artists, dancers, directors and musicians.

The artistic language of the company emerge from the dialogue between different disciplines, as body-voice training of Grotowski's research, physical theatre, contemporary dance, mime corporel, clown, vocal techniques, etc. The core-practice of MCT lays on the “Urgency of Expression", understood as a source of unconditional energy, the driving force necessary to express oneself in order to survive on a biological, cultural, artistic and political level. 
Urgency manifests itself as a condition of physical, emotional and spiritual off-balance in which the artist continually negotiates his own presence and scenic action in adaptive dialogue with the outside world, channelling the survival impulses to the performative action.
This condition is called Artistic Survival Mode.
As a spiritual-physical act, the performing arts arts represent for Marcozzi Contemporary Theatre a revolutionary tool to explore human nature and the impulse to express and share oneself.


Artist statement_Daniela Marcozzi


I am a free lance artist working in the domain of the contemporary theatre as performer, trainer, director and researcher.


Besides my education and work as perforing artist, I hold a master degree in Environmental Biotechnology and worked as a researcher for two years at the Plant Research International of Wageningen in Holland and at the Humboldt University of Berlin.

Although I had a strong interest in the methodologies of scientific research, in 2011 I left this work to dedicate myself professionally to the performing arts.
The curiosity for life science, fascination with experimentation, forming hypotheses, reflection and the search for new things persisted in my way of working, and they are some of the strongest elements in my artistic practice.

I have been particularly searching for scientific theories and principles that may combine to the emotions, feelings empathy and energy I experience during training.
I was intrigued by studying that the tangible matter of the human being: flesh, muscles, bones and liquids, contain and actually is also the intangible aspect of the personality and the expressive poetics. I developed a strong interest in picturing how the spheres of emotivity and spirituality merge into the physical and physiological ones and realised that biology, neurology, physiology and evolution can play a central role in deepening the quality and intensity of the artistic practice.
The journey into this comparative study started with an “encounter” with Candace Pert’s book Molecules of Emotion. Based on these studies, I began designing and experimenting exercises and a specific approach that constitute the 2-day workshop called The Urge of Being, which which was launched for the first time in January 2017 and still running on a regular basis.



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