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On urgency Ph.Pierluigi Muscolino.jpg

A performance by Marcozzi Contemporary Theater

created as a development of the artistic research project and residency On Urgency

With: Jacob Boeno, Elisabetta Chapuis, Jesús Espuña, Giorgia Marzetti, Cecile Rossant,

Marta Tirabassi

Concept: Daniela Marcozzi, Leah Bachar, Carola Grossmann
Artistic direction: Daniela Marcozzi

Live Music: Luis De Cicco and Cecilia Ferron

Recorded music by Luis De Cicco

Preview: September 15th h 20:00
Premiere: September 19th h 17:00
HofFestSpiele at Theater Expedition Metropolis
Olhauer Strasse 41, 10999, Berlin

On Urgency was created from 120 answers to surveys that we distributed both on the web and in-person. We carried out a one-month residency in the spaces of Theater Expedition Metropolis and then presented a Preview and a full Performance during the HofFestSpiele, Community Art Festival organized by the same theater.
To create this performance we developed a working method to translate the surveys into scenes, images, improvisations, music, texts and drawings.
In the survey we asked: What is urgent for you now? Why? Where do you feel this urgency (where in your body, in your emotions, sensations)? How do you react? Can you use an image for your urgency? What are you ready for, now?


by Pierluigi Muscolino

Header picture by Pierluigi Muscolino

Background Picture by André Groth

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