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Dreams on Target

marcozzi berlin physical theater site-specific performance

Site-specific performance incursions in the city of Berlin

by Marcozzi Contemporary Theater and PAN/k Theater Company

With: Jacob Boeno, Elisabetta Chapuis, Jesús Espuña, Daniela Marcozzi,

Cecile Rossant, Marta Tirabassi.

Thanks to Luigi De Cicco for the music.

Dreams on Target started during the COVID pandemic in 2020

with a need to continue to work despite the restrictions.

improvisation  /  structured script

theater  |  urban space

reality  !  dream


Città hai sventrato la verità

poem from Marta Tirabassi

Read poem here


Music: Luis DeCicco

d e connect è

poem from Jacob Boeno


poem from Cecile Rossant

Read poem here


poem from Cecile Rossant
Read poem here

Le Navire Mystique

​poem from Antonin Artaud​

Read poem here

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