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(On Urgency*Abruzzo)

The project Sull'Urgenza*Abruzzo belongs to the family of research project On Urgency, a performative methodology consisting in distributing written and oral surveys to ask people - and/or a specific target group - about their own urgencies and the urgencies of the place they live and subsequently ‘translate’ the reply into performative mediums, such as, theatrical and physical-theater narratives, music compositions, durational performances, dance sequences, visual poetry.

Sull'Urgenza*Abruzzo is the first expedition that the Marcozzi Contemporary Theater Company has carried out to export the On Urgency methodology.

The surveys have been distributed to the citizen of the Italian region Abruzzo through a digital formular, oral interviews and focus meetings with the students of the High School B.Spaventa and the Università della Terza Età in Città Sant'Angelo (PE).

Inspired by the replies of the survies the group of artists - composed by the Berlin-based company Marcozzi Contemproary Theater and the performers Elisa De Cristofaro, Benedetta Rocchi, Alessadro Rapattoni, Alessandra Di Domizio and Mara Lambiola - carried out a 20-days intensive residency and created the following performances:

A site-specific performance in the beach of Pineto  - area Torre di Cerrano (TE)

A site-specific performance in the hystorical centre of the town Città Sant'Angelo (PE)

A concert-performance played at the sunrise in the beach of Marina Di Città Sant'Angelo, at the sunrise at the "Torre di Cerrano", and in the hystorical town of Pianella.

Concept and Artistic Direction: Daniela Marcozzi // Marcozzi Contemporary Theater

With: Elisabetta Chapuis, Francesco Corbisiero, Carlo Corso, Luis De Cicco, Elisa Di Cristofaro, Alessandra Di Domizio, Jesús Espuña, Alekos Grammaticos, Mara Lambriola, Daniela Marcozzi, Alessandro Rapattoni, Benedetta Rocchi, Cecile Rossant, Marta Tirabassi.

Costumes: Emma Lombardo

Organization and coordination: Daniela Marcozzi, Elisa De Cristofaro, Marta Tirabassi

Communication and social management: Sara Santoleri, Marta Tirabassi

Live music: Francesco Corbisiero, Carlo Corso, Luigi De Cicco, Alexios Grammaticos

Special thanks to the musician, researcher and performer Marcello Sacerdote of the Association CuntaTerra for his generosity to share with us traditional songs from Abruzzo; a big thanks to the circus artist Bendetta Cuzzi, to have supported the initial part of the creative process and to have hosted an initial workshop in the space of the Cirque Brutal in Pescara.

An enormous thanks to Franco Mannella artistic director of the theater company and theater school Arotron, Pianella for hosting in the spaces of the school, the initial workshop in May and supporting the  whole idea of the project.

Another big aknoledgement goes to Elena Cilli and the Lido Eucaliptus to have hosted and supported our project on the sea.

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Sull'Urgenza*Abruzzo - Pineto

Sull'Urgenza*Abruzzo - Città Sant'Angelo

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