Artistic Research Project by Marcozzi Contemporary Theater, in collaboration with Expedition Metropolis Theater, Berlin, with the collective Al Limite, NYC, and with the Institute for the Performing Arts and Film of Zurich University of the Arts.

Concept: Daniela Marcozzi, Leah Bachar, Carola Grossmann

Support to the project development: Giorgia Marzetti


The research project was articulated in: 2-month residency period (August-September 2020) in the spaces of Theater Expedition Metropolis followed by the presentation of a Preview and a full Performance in the frame of HofFestSpiele, Community Art Festival in the same Theater, Berlin.

Artistis, researcher, collaborators: Jacob Boeno, Elisabetta Chapuis, Luigi De Cicco, Jesús Espuña, Cecilia Ferron, Carola Grossmann, Daniela Marcozzi, Giorgia Marzetti, Cecile Rossant, Marta Tirabassi


Poster and illustrations: Luigi De Cicco




Special thanks to:

all of you who will reply to the survey



ON URGENCY is an artistic research project that aims to research how our urges can push us to act, to react, to adapt ourselves through establishing an adaptive dialogue with what surrounds us.

In this period of strong individual and community re-arrangements, we want to use the artistic-theatrical-performative mediums that we are used to working with, to put them at the service of a series of questions related to the meaning of our survival, to the way we inhabit the world.


We want to bring theater in touch with identity questions that now are getting louder and louder.


Why Urgency? Urgency in this project is considered the driving force, the inner and innate motivation that can push to act, to react, to change.

If we work our perception and articulation of urgency, if we enable an embodiment of urgency, can we more clearly embrace a change and re-shape our paradigm of survival?

The main research question of this project is: how does the perception of urgency articulate itself through performative mediums?


To handle these topics and questions, we launched an anonymous survey to collect the urges of the people, the sensations, visions, emotions and feelings related to people' urges.


We’ll study the main impulses of survival and how they are guided and they are generated in dialogue with the surrounding and the role of emotions and feelings in this process.
We’ll work to artistically embody these information, to look for the “impulse source” of a certain urgency in our organism.




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Luigi De Cicco has created several drawings inspired by specific answer from the survey and/or inspired by recurrent thematics that we identified within the answers. We have used these drawings to create some scenes and/or to refer to them as an "collective imaginary" of the research project.