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On Urgency*pilot
First research project of the Quadrilogy On  Urgency

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Artistic Research Project by Marcozzi Contemporary Theater, in collaboration with Expedition Metropolis Theater, Berlin, with the collective Al Limite, NYC, and with the Institute for the Performing Arts and Film of Zurich University of the Arts.

ON URGENCY aims to research how our urges can push us to act, to react, to adapt ourselves through establishing an adaptive dialogue with what surrounds us.

We distributed an anonymous survey in five languages to collect the urges of the people, the sensations, visions, emotions and feelings related to people' urgencies and we developed perfomative narratives, improvisation scores, music compositions, drawings and one performance inspired by the answers of the surveys.

In this page there is about the description and documentation of the research project and at this link you find the performance that we created at the end of this research.

Concept: Daniela Marcozzi, Leah Bachar, Carola Grossmann

Support to the project development: Giorgia Marzetti

Artists and collaborators: Jacob Boeno, Elisabetta Chapuis, Luigi De Cicco, Jesús Espuña, Cecilia Ferron, Carola Grossmann, Daniela Marcozzi, Giorgia Marzetti, Cecile Rossant, Marta Tirabassi.
Poster and illustrations: Luis DeCicco

Music: Luis DeCicco and Cecilia Ferron

The research project was articulated in: 2-month residency period (August-September 2020) at Theater Expedition Metropolis followed by the presentation of a Preview and a full Performance in the frame of HofFestSpiele, Community Art Festival in the same Theater, Berlin.

Special thanks to all of you who will reply to the survey

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1. What is your urgency now?

2. Why?

3. Where do you feel this urgency (where in your body, which emotions, which sensations, etc.)?

4. How do you react to this urgency?

5. Can you use an image- a metaphor to describe what you wrote before?

6. What do you feel ready for, now?

7. If you want... here is some free space


(under construction)

Collective Imaginary

Luigi De Cicco has created drawings inspired by the surveys' answers and by recurrent urgencies and thematics that we found in the answers. These drawings contributed to create some of the performance scenes and  created a"collective imaginary" of the whole project.

 Photo and Video Documentation

by Pierluigi Muscolino

Creative Processes

On Urgency is a group-based project, but each performer developed specific ways to

"translate" the answers of the surveys into performative mediums.

Here we present a selection of videos that show some of these processes.


Creative process: focusing on one survey

Performer: Cecile Rossant

Ce jour nouveau

Creative process: working with a recurrent urgency - breath

Performer: Jacob Boeno

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