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By Marcozzi Contemporary Theater

Inspired by Francesca Sarah Toich's novel Ad Bestias

In collaboration with Museo Internazionale della Maschera Amleto e Donato Sartori


Concept and Artistic direction: Daniela Marcozzi

Dramaturgy: Francesca Sarah Toich

Music: Luis DeCicco

Masks training: Francesca Sarah Toich

With: Stephanie Day, Luis DeCicco, Melissa Derio, Daniela Marcozzi, Francesca Sarah Toich

Costume: Susanne Kasper

Production, Administration and Press: Apricot Productions

Communication Assistant: Paolo Tirelli

Graphics: Andy El Kanani

The Masks are created by Sarah Sartori.


monstrous is supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR. 


Thanks to Expedition Metropolis Theater for the artistic residency, special thanks to Paola Piizzi e Walter Valeri for their precious support with the mask dramaturgy. Special thanks to Paul Spera for his translation consulting, and to Alessandro Possati for commissioning the English translation. Special thanks to Elisabetta Chapuis and Cecile Rossant, for being part of the creative process and of the company. 



Inspired by Toich's novel Ad Bestias, ‘monstrous’ is set in a dystopian eco-dictatorship. The piece investigates different forms of pregnancy: women are artificially inseminated with animals, plants, minerals, emotions, natural phenomena and behaviors useful to the eco-regime.


Under pressure from the government, the body becomes a site for superhuman strengths, extinction, self-preservation, discomfort and monstrosity, each seeking to find its own expression.


Masks, dance, spoken word and live music are orchestrated to explore metamorphosis as a force that puts humans in an unavoidable relationship with other living and non living creatures.


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'Diario della mostruosità' by Daniela Marcozzi

Art magazine: La Macchina Sognante, in ITA

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'Theaterstück' in EN

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