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First Performance of the Trilogy of Power

A performance by Daniela Marcozzi

Artistic support of Peter Rose/Practical Works

Costume by Sara Kuster

Poster by Carlo Bortolini

2015 July 11th at COFFI Festival, Berlin

2016: Sign6, Brussels, Belgium;  Il Grottino, Pesaro, Italy; Alice Nella Città, Cremona, Italy; HAUS, Werkstatt der kulturen, Expat Expo, English Theatre Berlin | ETB, Berlin; Sofia Underground Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria; La mezza stagione, Magione, Italy; Fusion art center, Padova, Italy;

FAKI - Festival of alternative theatrical expression, Zagreb Croatia; Roma Fringe Festival;

Scenari Europei, Teatro d'Innovazione Florian, Pescara, Italy.

2019 - 2021: Expedition Metropolis Theater, Berlin; ACUD Theater, in the frame of the Performing Arts Festival, Berlin.



„Il linguaggio composto da Daniela Marcozzi si focalizza in un flusso di energia che irrora sempre impetuoso l’azione in scena, dal gesto al movimento alla parola.“

„The language composed by Daniela Marcozzi is focused on a flow of energy that impetuously wets the scenic action, the gesture, the movement, the spoken words.“ 

(Teatri on line)

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„Daniela salta, Daniela balla e canta, Daniela bendata recita cieca, Daniela ti guarda e Daniela piange, perché è viva e ti trasmette la sua vita.“

„Daniela jumps, dances and sings, blindfolded plays, Daniela looks at you and cries, because she is alive and  spreads her life to the spectator.“

(Il Mitte on line magazine)

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In Italy, on June 13th 2012, ten people have been accused of being part of “Subversive Association with purpose of international terrorism”.

Three of them were my flatmates and my close friends, and have been held in "preventive detention" for one year - without process: this is what is allowed by the anti-terrorism Italian law 270-bis.

RIGHT ON! is first performance of the Trilogy of Power, and takes inspiration from the sharp  sensations of anger, helplessness, and strong fear that one has by facing some controversial aspects of justice and is an exhortation to strength and action, a motivation to "life-in-spite-of-everything”.

The idea of “The- life-in-spite-of-everything” makes RIGHT ON! an homage to the existences of people (close friends) who demonstrated a rooted human strength in spite of they being subject to the process of their ideas, from the Italian legal order.

Whoever's life can change in a few minutes, becoming a life of terrorist or criminal. It is just about labels.


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