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GPL- Groove Performance Lab

weekly training and creative process for performing artists

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GPL is a physical theater program in Berlin organized by Marcozzi Contemporary Theater and led by Daniela Marcozzi and collaborators.

It is a group-based practice that includes physical theater, vocal training, movement research, techniques of embodiment and devised theater.
The theatrical/performative disciplines that we mostly refer to derive from the research of Grotowski (Daniela Marcozzi studied with Peter Rose, former student of Grotowski), Barba, Decroux, Mejerchol’d and from performance art.

The GPL intends to overcome the labelling of the performative expression that divides theatre from dance, dance from theatre, music from theatre, singing from dance and to shape an expressive language that belongs to the whole organism.
We are interested in working with the mythology of the body, in terms of the all stories, memories, poetic images, colors, ideas and everything that constitute the human being. It is a group-based practice that includes: physical - contemporary theater, elements of biomechanics, vocal training, movement rsearch, techniques of embodiment and devise theater.


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