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Expedition Metropolis Theater | Berlin  | June 30th, 2023, h8pm


November 2023, Expedition Metropolis Berlin

December 2023, Embros Theater, Athens

Every year in October, gray whales migrate from the coast of Alaska southward to the west coast of Mexico. Between December and March they give birth to their calves in the calm waters off the coast of the Baja California Peninsula. 

Sheltered from the turbulent water of the open sea, the whales teach their young how to swim and how to breathe.


Whales have voluntary respiration. They are conscious of their breath.

They consciously modulate their breathing according to environmental conditions and their immediate needs.


The most fundamental fear that we humans have is the fear of not breathing.

In February, 2023, a human traveled from Portugal to Baja California, Mexico, to encounter gray whales with the intention to learn how to breathe.


Fearless is a dialogue between the breath of a whale and the breath of a human.

Inspired by the expedition that Daniela Marcozzi carried out with Guadalupe Villalobos and Ana Sofia Morales in Baja California (Mexico), Fearless dives into the radical blue, where the movements and breaths of grey whales make humans conscious about their own fears and inspire them how to deform the shapes of fear. 

The last fear to deform is the fear of not being immense. Music is the vital current that forms and deforms the shapes of fear.


Due to the very nature of the performance, some audience members are invited to sit in a circle, inside the performative space. 

The performance unfolds itself through a dynamic dialogue between in and out of the Fearless circle, through breath, music and movements.

A performance by Marcozzi Contemporary Theater
Concept: Daniela Marcozzi

Performance: Daniela Marcozzi and Hannes Buder
Assistant to the dramaturgy and co-direction: Cecile Rossant
Live cello: Hannes Buder
Music and sound design: Didier de la Rose

Voice-over: Cecile Rossant, Daniela Marcozzi

Costume: Susanne Kasper
Camera: Daniela Marcozzi, Guadalupe Villalobos and Ana Sofia Morales

Video projection: Sebastian Steins

Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government
Commissioner for Culture and the Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR.

Poster Graphic: Paolo Tirelli and Daniela Marcozzi
Photo: Turlach O‘ Broin
Whale artwork: Nino Eliashvili

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Ph: Turlach O'Broin

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