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research phase

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7-10 December
h 8pm
ACUD Theater, Berlin
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The research phase of "monstrous is proposed by Daniela Marcozzi in collaboration with Francesca Toich (Venice-Paris), actress and trainer of Commedia dell'Arte and with the International Museum of the mask Amleto e Donato Sartori.

The research is freely inspired by Francesca Toich's work "Ad Bestias", a fiction novel focused on climate change and zoomorphism.

The masks of Commedia Dell'Arte will be used as one of the main means of social investigation and artistic expression.

In our present time, when we are looking for a renewed identity, for a connection with the animal and plant world that could make us more willing and ready for a profound change, the masks of Commedia Dell'Arte seem more relevant than ever.
For the past two years or so, we have been trying to hide our fears, our doubts and our urges to live and die behind the medical masks that cover our faces.
But in the theater, masks have the magical power to reveal the soul, the demon, the dream, the spirit, the obsession, the monstrous!

The research is focused on the power of the masks to put us in contact with unconscious forces that are able to give us a sense of belonging to the world and to nature.

The dramaturgy of the reserch is inspired by Francesca Sarah Toich's novel "Ad Bestias", has been published in 2022 in an audio version by Studio Minuit in Paris.

It is a climate fiction novel that investigates a different form of pregnancy. It takes place in the near future where a vegan and environmentalist totalitarian regime has been established and some women are artificially inseminated with various types of endangered animals.

The novel explores themes connected to ecology, climate change, zoomorphism and vegetarianism from the point of view of a humanity that rejects itself in favour of the-rest-of-nature and it is not afraid to use science and violence as weapons of self-extinction.

CREDITS of the Research Phase

By Marcozzi Contemporary Theater

Inspired by Francesca Sarah Toich's novel Ad Bestias

In collaboration with Museo Internazionale della maschera Amleto e Donato Sartori


Concept and Artistic direction: Daniela Marcozzi

Dramaturgy: Francesca Sarah Toich

Music direction and live music: Luis DeCicco

Commedia dell’Arte masks training: Francesca Sarah Toich

The research phase has been carried out by Elisabetta Chapuis, Stephanie Day, Luis DeCicco, Melissa Derio, Daniela Marcozzi, Francesca Sarah Toich.

The Masks are created by Sarah Sartori.

The research phase of “monstrous” is supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR.

Thanks to Expedition Metropolis Theater Berlin for the artistic residency.


header photo by Melissa Derio

graphics by Elisabetta Chapuis

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