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On Urgency*REFO

On Urgencyrefo poster(1).png

Artistic research project, residency and site-specific performance

by Marcozzi Contemporary Theater in collaboration with pio_near & REFO Moabit

November 2021 - May 2022

Site-specific performanes on May 6th, 8th and 28th

(the performance on the 28th is part of the Performing Arts Festival Berlin)

The  project and performances take place in the spaces of the Reformationskirche

in Berlin-Moabit, Wiclefstraße 32, 10551


With the project On Urgency*REFO, Marcozzi Contemporary Theater

brings its methodology “On Urgency” to the community of the Reformation Kirche Moabit (REFO),

a unique group of people from different cultural backgrounds living in the spaces of the REFO Campus.

Since 2011, the Reformation Church in Berlin-Moabit has been designed and animated by the base-democratic community REFO at the intersection of spirituality, justice and art.

The artistic apporach “On Urgency” consists in distributing surveys to a certain group of people to ask which are their urgencies and which are the urgencies o the places they live. 

The company will then 'translate' the response into performative mediums.
In this specifi project, through the surveys, we explore the relation between the people and the phsycial places of the REFO Campus, with particular intersts in the layers of memories, symbols, stories and urgencies.

The responses are the main dramaturgical materail of the site-specific performances that will happen in May 2022.


Concept: Marcozzi Contemporary Theater Ensemble

General Artistic Direction: Daniela Marcozzi

With: Jacob Boeno, Elisabetta Chapuis, Stephanie Day, Luigi De Cicco, Melissa Derio, Alekos Grammaticos, Daniela Marcozzi, Cecile Rossant.

Dramaturgical support & co-production: Rike Flämig & Julia Bihl.
The logistic and the communication with the people from REFO Community: Miri Meyer




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